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Timely maintenace is the ideal way to maximise system availability, safety and value retention. Windbell service technicians strongly suggest to inspect and maintain your equipment at regular intervals specific to the particular product.

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  • Air compressor oil has 4 primary functions:

    For cooling - to maintain proper operating temperatures in the compressor
    For cleaning -to migrate the particles and impurities from the airend (where the air is compressed) into the filter for removal
    For sealing- to create a barrier between the open gaps to maintain compression
    For lubricating-to lubricate all moving parts to limit wear and high temperatures caused by friction

  • Windbell original Parts

    Inferior compressor accessories can drive up operating costs and impact negatively on the functionality of your system.This means that original WINDBELL quality products should be your first and only choice for compressed air accessories such as lubricants filters and trap cartridges.Incorrect intake filters and poor-quality imitations can lead to defects in the air end (as a result of increased particle intake)and increased wear at the site of the compressor.

  • Windbell maintenance

    For a compressor to function efficiently,it is very important to do maintenance periodically.If newly installed spare parts do not meet the manufacturer's specifications,the result can be increased pressure inside the compressor and therefore an increase in energy consumption and operational cost.

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