Company Profile

Zhengzhou Windbell Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise integrating research, design and development, production, sales and after-sales service of air compressor. With a high-quality and skilled R&D team supported by the R&D center, control and experiment center, and trial production workshop, it has a strong air compressor R & D, manufacturing and testing capabilities and has become one of the leading enterprises in the application of oil-injected screw air compressor in the segmented industry and the only manufacturer of screw compressors in the segmented industry in the central and western regions of China. Windbell is a market-oriented and customer-centric enterprise, focusing on improving product quality continuously. To survive by quality, develop by innovation, persist in studying on market segments, and customize for clients is the consistent business philosophy of Windbell.

-A high-tech enterprise in Henan Province.

–A professional, refined, characteristic and innovative enterprise recognized by Zhengzhou City and Henan Province.

–A model enterprise for integration of informatization and industrialization in Henan Province.

–The first enterprise that obtains a production license for for screw air compressors in Henan province.

–An ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified enterprise.

  • History

    The company was established in zhengzhou city,henan.

  • AREA

    The factory area is about 38000+ square Meter.


    Anual capacity of screw air compressors is more than 3000 units.


Windbell started its compressor business in year 2004. Today Windbell is a trustful global supplier of compressors and compressed air systems.

  • 2004-Compressor business established by WINDBELL group

    The first Windbell air compressor was released, and the NK60 and NK100 series air compressors were put on the market.

    The first clients: CRRC Luoyang Locomotive Co., Ltd., Xuchang Zhenhua Mold Die-Casting Co., Ltd. etc.



  • 2005-Awarded China industrial product production license

    In year 2004, Windbell group starts its business for screw air compressor .

  • 2006-Windbell obtained the first utility model patent certificate. 

    Windbell was shortlisted for biddings of Nanning Railway Bureau and Wuhan Railway Bureau.

  • 2007-Windbell moved to current current workshop which covered 20000 square meters. 

    Windbell achieved whole chain operation of market research, product development, production, sales and after-sales service.

  • 2009-Windbell won the bid of Luoyang Yellow River Tongli Cement. 
  • 2010-Four models WBS22/37/55/75 met the national second level energy efficiency standard. 

    and obtained the energy-saving product certificate for the first time.

    Windbell cooperated with China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd. for the first time and was shortlisted for its framework agreement suppliers.

  • 2011-Zhengzhou Windbell Machinery Co.,Ltd was established. 

    Before 2011,  we engaged in business activities under the company name of Windbell Electrical which is our parent company.  

    It won the bid of Luoyang Yellow River Diversion Project Construction Administration Co., and Henan Coalbed Methane Development and Utilization Co., Ltd.

    Sales revenue of the year exceeded 30 million yuan.

  • 2012-Windbell passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. 

    CREG Shield Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. signed a contract with us for the purchase of the first batch of air compressors.


  • 2013-Windbell won the bid of China Railway 15th Bureau Group Co.,LTD

    Windbell was shortlisted for framework agreement suppliers of China Railway Construction Group.

    It was rated as Zhengzhou Enterprise Technology Center Unit.


  • 2014-Windbell won the title of High-Tech Enterprise of Henan Province for the first time. 

    It obtained the foreign trade import and export license, and started to develop the international market.


  • 2015-Windbell became a small and medium-szied science and technology enterprise of Henan Province. 

    It became one of the national small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises.


  • 2016-Windbell became an Science and Technology Little Giant Cultivation enterprise of Henan. 

    It was selected into the promotion catalogue of energy-saving and environmental protection products of Henan Province (the first batch).

    It was included in the “Energy-saving Electromechanical Equipment (Products) Promotion Catalogue)” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  • 2018-Four products met the national first-level energy efficiency standard 

    It won the bid of China Railway 19th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co., Ltd.


  • 2019 -Windbell obtained CE certification 

    It was shortlisted for biddings of China Railway Group Co., Ltd. and Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co., Ltd., and won the bid of China Railway Jinan Group Co., Ltd.

  • 2020 -Windbell obtained 3A certificate for enterprise credit rating 

    Windbell won the bid of China Coal Mine Construction Group Co., Ltd. and the Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Railway 15th Bureau Group.

    It passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certification.

     It passed the review of high-tech enterprise of Henan Province.


  • 2021 -Windbell passed the certification of energy efficiency label testing lab. 

    The turnover created a new record, and products were exported to over 20 countries and regions.

    It won the bid of Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co., Ltd.


  • 2022-New breakthroughs were made in the domestic segmented market

    Foreign trade sales doubled against the trend, and products were exported in batches to Australia, Russia, India, South Korea, the Middle East, Central Asia…

    We stand together through thick and thin and keep forging ahead.


Company Culture

1. Corporate objective: to become a leading enterprise in the global air compressor segmented market, guided by the market and supported by technology progress and product quality.

2. Corporate vision:to provide users with energy-saving turnkey compressed air solutions.

3. Corporate culture:work as a team and grow together with the guiding principle of empowerment and altruism and spirit of ingenuity, innovation, and improvement.

4. Corporate general concept:Pursue the consistency of the overall interests of society, enterprises and individuals; pursue the effective linkage of various departments of the enterprise - take immediate action, complete tasks excellently, and meet user needs.

5. Efficiency: the improvement of work efficiency is the first priority with overtime work as the supplement (problems that can be solved with efficiency shall not be solved with quantity).

6. Technology and innovation:keep up with the trend of technological development, encourage innovation and improvement, and continuously launchnew products.

7. Market: market segmentation makes the future.


Windbell certificates and honors are as below:

Team Building

No matter young or old, new comers or those who joined since the establishment of the company, we come from different places, but we strive for the same goal, which is to provide clients with better products and service, constantly fight for a better life, and do our best for the sustainable development of society.

We’ve been committed to building a friendly, collaborative, and progressive team.

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