Jack hammer G10

Model: G10
Capacity: 40J
Net weight: 11 kg
Total length: 575 mm

These pick hammer G10 were developed to help you get the best performance and productivity.

G10 pneumatic pick hammer is lightweight and has low noise; Simple and compact in structure, easy to operate, and easy to maintain, it is a high-performance tool for crushing rocks or ore layers.

Application Field: Concrete extraction for construction work such as road drilling, mining drilling, road excavation, bridges, cement drilling, etc.

Pneumatic pick hammer Weight Dimension(L x W x H) Cylinder diameter Piston stroke Working pressure Impact energy(at 5.0 bar(e)) Impact energy(at 4.0 bar(e)) Air consumption(at 5.0 bar(e)) Air consumption(at 4.0 bar(e)) Impact frequency(at 5.0 bar(e)) Impact frequency(at 4.0 bar(e)) Air hose inner diameter Working temperature Shank size
G10 10.6 575 x 170 x 90 38 155 4–5 ≥39 ≥32 ≤20 ≤16 ≥16.5 ≥15 16 -30 to+50 R25 x 75
G10L 10.6 575 x 170 x 90 38 155 4–5 ≥39 ≥32 ≤20 ≤16 ≥16.5 ≥15 16 -30 to+50 R24 x 70
kg mm mm mm bar(e) J J l/s l/s Hz Hz mm ºC mm


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