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What should I pay attention to when installing a screw air compressor?

2019-10-11 16:37

  Introduction to energy-saving retrofit of air compressors is first of all to choose the right installation environment. This has been overlooked by many staff, and I feel that it can be used as long as it is installed. It is not known that such a hasty decision will not only cause huge difficulties in future maintenance, but also easily cause machine failure. The installation environment must consider not only the humidity and ventilation of the air, but also the convenience of installation and construction and future maintenance of the air compressor, etc., to make the operating environment more comfortable, to avoid the smooth operation of the air compressor and unsatisfactory operation situation. Low humidity, low dust, and good ventilation are conducive to future maintenance and maintenance of the air compressor. The distance between the compressor and the wall should be more than 70 cm, and the space distance from the top should be more than one meter. Such a space distance allows better ventilation around the air compressor.

  介绍 The introduction of energy-saving transformation of air compressors is followed by the requirements for water-cooled units. The cooling water supply pressure should be between 0.2-0.6MPa, and the inlet and outlet of the cooling water should be equipped with valves. It is best to equip filters at the same time to prevent the debris in the cooling water from blocking the passage. Then there are requirements for piping and the like. When piping the main pipeline, keep in mind that the pipeline needs to have a certain inclination and pressure. The inclination is generally 1-2 °, and the pressure is 5% of the pressure set by the compressor. This is conducive to the discharge of condensate. The main pipeline should not be arbitrarily reduced, and the overall pipeline situation should be considered. As for the branch line, it must be connected from the top of the main pipe to correctly guide the direction of the condensate.

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