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Precautions for Compressor after The Spring Festival of China

2021-02-21 13:13

  Precautions for Compressor after The Spring Festival of China


The precautions for booting after the Spring Festival are particularly important:

01. Check that the machine is free from rainwater;

02. Check the machine line is normal;

03. Check that the oil level of the engine oil is within the normal range (the water cooler should check the coolant);

04. Add clean engine oil from the air inlet;

05. Manual cranking (belt and straight line type);

06. Power on and check whether the three-phase power is normal;

07. If there is a dryer, start the dryer first;


08. Note that: 

Do not press the start button to leave after restarting for a long time, then the machine head is very easy to be stuck due to lack of oil. Be sure to start by jogging.  Power frequency machine jog method: press the start button,  press the emergency stop button after running for about 8 seconds, the interval is about half a minute, repeat the above steps no less than 3 times and then start normally,  if you find that the temperature rises rapidly and is accompanied by Abnormal sound,  this is because the internal oil has not circulated. 

You must immediately stop by pressing the emergency stop and jog again a few times.  Permanent magnet machine jogging method: You can jog according to the method of industrial frequency machine, or you can temporarily adjust the upper limit frequency to the same as the lower limit frequency.  After starting, run at low frequency for 5-10 minutes and then restore the upper limit frequency to the original setting.


9.  After the machine starts normally,  do not directly go to the rated pressure,  you can run for 10 minutes at half the pressure,  wait for the temperature to stabilize,  then let the pressure run to the rated pressure for 10-20 minutes, and then start normal after there is no abnormality Gas supply.


(The above is only applicable to WINDBELL screw air compressor. All interpretation rights belongs to the company.)





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