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Precautions for WINDBELL Screw Air Compressor In Winter

2021-02-04 15:09

  Precautions for WINDBELL Screw Air Compressor In Winter


01. Check before starting

The side door should be opened before the compressor is not in use. Then observe whether the oil is missing, discolored or frozen. Make sure that the compressor starts to supply air normally when the oil is not frozen ( When the ambient temperature is lower than or close to 0 degrees, please jog 1-2 times before starting.)


02. Choose oil according to the situation

The compressor oil used in summer and winter will be different. Needs to be a reasonable choice of suitable oils according to the local climate and temperature. (Semi-synthetic engine oil (Windbell oil No.1) can be selected for the temperature around 0 degrees, and fully synthetic engine oil (Windbell oil No.4) is recommended for temperatures below 0 degrees.)


03. Note that the cold-proof measures of post-treatment and pipeline system

The air compressor out of the compressor will be mixed with some moisture. To avoid condensation water by low-temperature impact and freezing in the piping or other parts, so it is very important to take cold-proof measures for the gas storage tank and pipeline system.


04. Note that the indoor temperature cold protection measures

The service life of lubricating oil will be affected by cold weather. Generally, lubricants will exhibit the following characteristics: The viscosity decreases when the temperature is high( the oil temperature is not less 5 degrees). Likewise, the viscosity increases when the temperature is low. Therefore, the lubricating oil should be selected be selected according to different ambient temperatures to ensure better lubrication of the compressor.


05.Processing after shutdown

Note that the water, gas, and oil in various gas storage tanks, pipelines and gas bags should be emptied after the shutdown everyday, and the gas must be discharged to the display to display 0.0 bar.

Although cold weather will bring great challenges to the work of the compressor, as long as the protection work is done, the harsh environment will not affect the compressor to continuously and efficiently provide enterprises and users with a stream of clean air.


(The above is only applicable to WINDBELL screw air compressor. All interpretation rights belongs to the company.)





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